My Unforgivable Story

by Britney Noggerath
(United States)

Once upon a time...

Haha. I didn't know how else to start it! Okay, well here we go. I went out with this guy. Maybe for like 5 months. That's a record for me because usually when I get with a guy I wanna leave him like a week later. I have no idea why. But this guy. Wow. I have never met a guy like him. Country accent (from Alabama), cute as a button, soooo sweet, charming, & he has an amazing personality. I felt like I was so lucky. I fell in love with him. He claimed he fell in love with me too. He said he would always love me. Even if we broke up.

January 3rd, 2011 he broke up with me. Texted it to me that he wanted to be single. How pathetic. I was so mad. And the next day he asked to get back together with me. What the hell!? A week later he starts talking to another girl. I talk to her about him (when I'm still in love with him) because she asks for advice. Turns out that his jealous ex, that tried to break me and him up while we were going out, got into it with him and that girl I was giving advice to. The ex talks bad about her to him and he believes it & tells her they can't talk anymore. What a freaking sweetheart?! Now guess what! He's talking to that jealous ex.

I can't get him off my mind. Everything I do reminds me of the times we spent together. I've tried so hard to get over him. He doesn't even know I exist anymore. He talked to me once two days ago to see if he could use something of mine. I miss him like crazy. I just wish that he would know how I feel. I act like I can't stand him just to make him jealous. But apparently that's not working. I know I should get over him, but I cant. I just can't.

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