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Myspace Layout Love Quote

I have found that to love
and be loved is the most
empowering and exhiliarating
of all human emotions.

~ Jane Goodall

Love is our true destiny.
We do not find the meaning
of life by ourselves alone—
we find it with another.

~ Thomas Merton

Still I enjoy the long sweetness of the
simultaneity, yours and mine,
ours and mine ...

~ John Ashbery

myspace layout love quote

Love is my decision
to make your problem my concern.

~ Robert Schuller

Myspace Love Quote Poem

Thou art my lute, by thee I sing—
My being is attuned to thee.
Thou settest all my words a-wing,
And meltest me to melody.

Thou art my life, by thee I live,
From thee proceed the joys I know;
sweetheart, thy hand has power to give
Te meed of love—the cup of woe.

~ Paul Laurence Dunbar

We settle for so-so sex because most
of us don't know how sexual we could
be; we only know how sexual we are.
How sexual we are has been shaped
by decades of indoctrination ...

~ Anita H. Clayton M.D.

In the half darkness
we look at each other
and smile
and touch arms
across this little, startlingly
muscled body ...
this blessing love
gives again into our arms.

~ Galway Kinnell

Myspace Layout Love Quote

There are a hundred paths
through the world
that are easier than loving.
But, who ants easier?

~ Mary Oliver

The weight of love
Has buoyed me up
Till my head
Knocks against the sky.

~ William Carlos Williams

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Myspace Layout Love Quote

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