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My 16 yr old son just told me last night that he is in love with his 40 year old cousin. They first met about 3 months ago when visiting with family. My son has acne problems and was really down on himself (complex issue) and they figured they would keep in touch considering we live 1300 miles. At first, I was okay with that because they were cousins harm...and he probably needed some pick me ups due to his acne. What I did not realize was that they were getting more intimately involved. That is when my son dropped the bomb on me!

I am very supportive of my son but not sure if it is with his 40 yr old cousin. Apparently, my mom and her mom (who is my aunt) also have known and are okay with this but were both afraid in telling me. Then my cousin calls me and tells me that she has these feelings about my son and wanted to be upfront with me. She was terrified in telling me this and she needed to get it off her chest. Well, my son is a minor and she is just too old for him. She is beautiful and does not look her age but nevertheless she is way too much older. My son is on the other hand a little too mature for his age and always has been.

I need your advice. I am sick to my stomach about this and need some help in how to handle something like this.


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