Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

by Barbara S. Reall
(Fort Pierce,FL 34951)

There is absolutely no way that one of us on this Earth is better than another. Not one is the worse, either. God created all of us because of His love for all of His beloved children. I absolutely love every single soul that God created and everyone that I see, know, plus everyone who ever was, is, or will be on this Earth, I pray for them every day and I absolutely adore them. Do I have to know them? NO! I do "know" that God created them so therefore I do love them. Plus, I will love every soul that God creates in the future, whether I am still here on Earth or (hopefully) in Heaven with Our Beloved Father, Son, Holy Spirit. AMEN

I share with my students, many who have their differential creativity and have been painfully abused because of this situation, that I would NEVER just a book by its cover - NEVER! Then I go into discussion about everything that each of us has since our creation. From head to toe, we talk! I ask them if they have brains, eyes, nose, mouth, hearts, lungs, livers, pancreas, two arms, two legs, etc? Of course, they respond "yes"! That is when I repeat once again that NO ONE SHOULD JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! I also tell them that I don't think ANYONE looks any different in this room than anyone else because "I AM COLOR BLIND!" :) They do appreciate that kindness and respect and applaud for five minutes! I cannot thank Jesus enough for sharing His love, peace, mercy, compassion, patience, kindness, and respect with me and encouraging me to pass it on to all of God's Beloved Children. It is incredibly tremendous to do that because that love flows forward into everyone's heart!!! AMEN xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Prof. Barbara S. Reall

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