Never Stopped Me

by Dana A.
(Calgary AB.)

At grade five you're too young to love. Crushes, yes but dating no. That never stopped me. I met him in Grade five. He and my new BFF had been friends since they were born. He was really cute. He had the nicest smile and the coolest hair and a laugh that very easily distracted me. We didn't see each other much, 4-5 times a year. But that never stopped me.

A year went by. I'd been through one jerk of a boyfriend and he was now dating someone. He was so in love. Never stopped talking about her. It was almost heartbreaking. That never stopped me.

Another year went by and we were in grade seven. We had seen each other once over the summer. Truth or dare was more like lie or dare for me. He asked too many crush questions.

Then December came around. We saw each other then too. The group of six (me, my BFF, him, his brother, and two of my BFF's friends) spent most of the time in the dark. I sat in my favourite corner. Well more like close to it cause he was cuddling with me. I thought for sure this would be the night. He was still dating her but she had cheated on him so their relation ship was on the ropes.

When 11:30 rolled around the parents dragged all the kids home, and I was left disappointed. That never stopped me.

I started dating again. January came faster then expected and on the tenth (My boyfriend was on a trip) I got a text from HIM. I was thrilled. We sat up talking all night and somewhere around 12:30 he asked me who I liked. When I told him it was him, he asked me out.

We both broke up with our boyfriend/girlfriend. We dated for a while over the phone. Our parents limited contact. Then finally my BFF, Katie, and I were invited to his karate tournament. I watched the fighting half heartedly, but was more interested in the fact that Brady's gi was open showing his entire chest. Katie got sick half way through and went home but we picked her up before the gala.

Earlier that week Brady promised he would kiss me at the gala. Half way through I got a "headache" and went outside. He followed me and when we were outside (It was probably 9 o'clock), he kissed me. It was my first kiss with a guy I'd waited for two and a half years for. But no matter what happened during those two and a half years the important thing is that,
It Never Stopped Me.

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