Nobody Can Run Away from Love

by sara

I was 17 when I realized my life would change forever. We had cliques in our school but me and my friends were the normies, we basically fit into none of the cliques, and we decided it was better to belong to none.

As I was walking down to talk to my best friend Tess, I suddenly bumped into 5 of the populars and I said I was "sorry." Lauren, one of the most popular girls in school, looked at me and said "You'd better be sorry or else.". I said "Whatever" and walked away.

If you knew Lauren, then you would know that she won't let that go. She made her boyfriend Alex flirt with me for fun. Alex came over to me and my friends and said "Hey, Rory, what's up?" I knew that this was a trick, so I said "Could you leave us alone please?"

He couldn't believe that a normie like me would not be interested in a guy like him. Alex has green eyes and he is tall for his age. He's skinny, but muscular at the same time, and he has short blonde hair that is untidy (but that's what the girls like most about him).

Even I couldn't disagree that he was cute. He was prom king and homecoming king. He didn't give up and tripped me on purpose and my books fell so he had to help pick them up. He helped me but then he looked into my eyes and said "Wow, your eyes are amazing." The next day, I came to school and went to my locker. I opened it and found a note that said:


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'll save the last dance
Only to dance with you.

P.S. Meet me at the sweetheart dance at 10. I'll be waiting beside the front doors of the school.


I didn't take this seriously. The day of the dance, I got ready and wore my blue dress and curled my hair and put on makeup. Jess, my boyfriend that I have been seeing for 7 months, came and picked me up.

The announcer at the dance said "Please ask someone who you didn't come with to dance with you, so Jess asked my best friend Tess to dance even though she secretly hates him. Her date had not come back yet from the bathroom, so Alex came up to me, offered his hand and said, "Would you like to dance?"

I took his hand and said "Sure." We danced to a slow song. Meanwhile, Jess and Lauren were furious and were staring at us the whole time. For some reason, it was like no one else was in the room.

The song ended but he was still holding my hand so Jess came and said to Alex "Thank you. I will take it from here." I said "Thanks and goodbye" to Alex and he said "I'll see you later."

At 9:57, I was curious to see what the person meant in the note so I decided to check it out. I excused myself from my friends and Jess (who looked worried) and I went to the front doors.

I checked my cell phone and it said 10:02, so I thought that it was a trick and was about to leave when all of a sudden, Alex comes out of the shadows. I jumped and he apologized for scaring me. I asked him, "What are you doing here?" He looked confused and said, "Did you not read the note?"

I was surprised and said, "Yeah, but I didn't expect it to be you!" All of a sudden, he did something that I never expected him to do. He was holding me by the waist and his face was so close to my face and I tried to escape, but he wouldn't let me and his lips touched mine.

I tried to let go but after a little bit I was kissing him back and he put his hand on my hair and was grabbing me closer and I put my arms around his neck and I was kissing him and after a few seconds (it seemed like days), we had to catch our breath. We stopped kissing. My face was darker than a tomato and I couldn't tell what his face was like because I ran for it and went back to the dance.

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Oct 05, 2015
so good NEW
by: Aria Robinson

Yeah it is indeed a true fact that one cannot escape love. No matter how much you avoid it, don’t bother about it. True love will always get to you as long as you are a living being. It is the most strongest feeling in the world for the same reason. zipline kit

Jul 08, 2015
reply NEW
by: Salva

It is very true that none of us can run away from love. We will fall in love with someone at least once in our life and it is inevitable. Love can be so much blissful when returned. Thank you for sharing Fubu sneakers

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