Older Man Younger Woman Relationship

by Erica

Older Man Younger Woman Relationship

I have a question about relationships with younger women and older men: I am a 19 year old young adult female who's about to turn 20 very soon, I have very strong feelings for a older man who's about 48 years old. I have known him for about 1 year.

I want to tell him how I really feel about him, but because of the circumstances, it's not possible as of now. What I mean by that is that he is one of my college teachers, he has been helping me with a lot of things going on in my personal life and in the classroom. I know that despite the almost 30 year age gap, we do have a lot in common and share some of the same life experiences. To be honest I have been through more in my life, than most 19 or 20year olds have.

It is really hurting me inside that I have to keep my strong feelings inside for him a secret, until the appropriate time comes up to tell how I really feel about him. I am positive that we have a closer friendly relationship than with any of his other students.

When would the appropriate time be to tell my teacher how I really feel about him?

I would like to see how my teacher is outside of a classroom setting by hanging out with him. How would I go about asking him without being direct?

A couple of things I should mention about my teacher: he's never been married, doesn't have a girlfriend, single, takes care of his elderly mother who lives with him.

I wish society wasn't so judgmental about people in May-December relationships.

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Jun 09, 2010
be patient
by: Dianah

It's good to fall in love but with w?hich type of people are you falling in love with for heaven's sake. that guy is almost your father. I know you love him but you are still young. To tell the truth, you need to have fun with your peers, you need someone you can rhyme with, someone you can play with, joke around with but from the look of things, that's not anywhere near to it. Anyway, I hope you think about it and good luck with any decision that you come to.

May 31, 2010
Be Careful
by: Faith

I was in a marriage with a man 28 years older. Sure all was great, until I started "growing" up. I was 19 as well when we met. Yes, i wouldn't change my experience for anything, (best sex i ever had) but I also now realize as a 42 year old woman how much I missed out on. I would for sure tell him!

May 28, 2010
Go For It, It's Love
by: Morgan

I think that you should go for it. Yeah there's an age difference but when you truly love someone does that really even matter? My advice would be to tell him. Take a leap.

On the matter of seeing how he is outside of the classroom just ask causally if you could discuss some things over dinner or if he would like to join you for a picnic or something like that.

Maybe take those as an opportunity to tell him how you feel. I hope this helped. :) Best of luck to you.

May 19, 2010
love is blind
by: zelalem

Even though there is a gap of age between you, love is blind. Tell him. Good luck!

May 18, 2010
Love is Love
by: MB

That is quite the age gap, but hey, love is love, right? :)

I believe the most appropriate time to tell him is when you are no longer his student. So the end of the semester-ish?

Do you know if he would be interested in this kind of relationship? Consider the answer to that before you do anything.

Lastly, perhaps you can talk to him and tell him what a great teacher he has been and try to bring up hanging out through that?

I hope I helped. Best of luck to you! I hope everything works out! :)

May 14, 2010
lonely hunter
by: watchman110659

let GOD direct your heart and meditate on HIS answer... remember.." a single mistake is not a final mistake...

i am a fifty year old man who prefers younger ladies...many older women suffer menopause and men have middle life crisis.. a younger woman just makes the older man feel alive again ..

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