by Whitney Ewing
(Milwaukee Wisconsin)

One ... that is the only number in my heart and mind right now

My heart pulses as my head echoes your name through
Your hand slipped through mine and tumbled down where I couldn't find you
I cried out your name but you never came
I made one mistake ... but that's all it took to take you away from me
Once, no, I cried for you a lot more
One broken heart on the floor still beating for you
You stepped on it when I showed it to you
You left me behind, torn into two
Leave is the word you said but promised not to do
Our hearts shattered breaking the connection
One more cry before I die
One more memory before my mind is wiped away
One more kiss before I lose you completely
One more word ... so I can go to heaven or hell without regret
One more touch so then I can curl up
One more time...... one more shot of love inject it into me
But we never got one more time
You already left and said goodbye ... only once you said that word but it was that word that sent me to my death
I sit here in heaven wishing I was in hell because right now my heart ... is churning and aching in pain
Loving you was a foolish thing but it's one thing that I know I will hold forever.

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