Please Help Me!

by Lisa Pollock
(Saskatoon, SK.)

Dr. Laura Love

Okay, i have two questions for you.. I will start with the least important and ask you the most important one after.. I have been occasionally back and forth between two guys lately..

Question # 1 ) I have had feelings for this guy named Kevin since beginning of summer.. We were seeing each other back in the beginning of June.. However at the end of the month, because of his previous relationships, he decided he was not quite ready. Got cold feet, and ran away.

We saw each other for the first time in 2 months approximately a few weeks ago. The problem is he works out of town, he calls, texts, everything, when he is away. When he is in the city, he constantly bails on me to make plans with "the boys." However, when he is away, he tells me how much he misses me, and if I move away from home it would kill him. Yes, we have had sex, and the sex was great! However much I like him, I just dont think he feels the same.

Question #2) After Kevin and I had stopped seeing each other, I met this guy named Jay. We hit things off from the start. Like we pretty much knew right from the beginning that we were going to be together. However, things got rocky when I found out my ex roommate's best friend is his roommate. To say the least, I don't get along with the ex roomie or her friends.

When I left town one weekend, he got ridiculously jealous. I ended up hanging out with a few of my male friends and it upset him. However, it did not upset him enough that he wanted to make me his "girlfriend." He wants to single status.

We stopped seeing each other, and in that time, I was seeing Kevin. Last night, we met up at a bar. One thing led to another, and we stayed up the entire night, talking, making love, having fun.. Just to see whether or not that chemistry is still there.

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Aug 20, 2009
I appreciate the feedback. Keep it coming!
by: Anonymous

Thank you! I appreciate your advice.. I like it when a person can be blunt...Sometimes people tell you only what you want to hear. I don't like that. You have made some amazing points. Thank you :)

I will enjoy the single life... xxoo

Aug 20, 2009
my opinion
by: Anonymous

My suggestion is to just enjoy both of them! If neither of them is willing to commit to you, don't waste your time committing yourself to the idea of being with only one of them. Enjoy your single life and in the mean time if Mr. right comes along you will have the opportunity to snatch him up since you are not too busy with Mr. non-commitment.

People show you how they really feel in their behaviors, regardless of what they may be saying to you verbally sometimes.Take it for what it is, if they are unable to commit to you either when in town, or just all together, they are telling you that to them your relationship is not worth leaving their current life situation or even the dating sea. They probably won't settle down until they feel that they have found their Mrs. Right. People don't like to be alone, so they hang onto others even if they don't see the relationship to have forever potential. I'm sorry that this is so blunt, but it's how dating goes.

There is a person out there that is built for you as though you are two companion pieces of a small puzzle. Once you find them, then you will understand why these guys didn't work out.

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