Possible love interest?

by Nicole

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I met this guy in a Relationship Support Group through the University we both attend over the past semester and I'm wondering if he is a possible love interest. He had recently ended a 4 year relationship, and I now have just ended my 1.5 year relationship.

In the beginning of summer we ran into each other (he with his parents) at a farmers market. After talking briefly and catching up, we exchanged numbers. A week later we had dinner. There was slim to no awkwardness, and although neither one suggested it was a date, things went very well...we both were obviously physically attracted to each other and admitted as much. This started a hot & heavy sexual escapade for 2 weeks. And I mean crazy sexual chemistry! The best I've ever had.

During our several nights spent together (about 6), we talked endlessly about everything. Our breakups, family history, silly drunk stories, and the support group is another big topic. We've also both admitted to liking the other and that it was more than sex. We've gone out for dinner another time, and had take out another. But, he was up front that he was looking to stay single for long while, seeing how he got out of a very serious relationship less than a yr ago, and with my breakup so recent less than 2 months, I know I shouldn't jump into anything.

My big plan is to just play things out and see where it leads, but I can tell it would be very easy to "fall" for him.

Now a few days ago he went out of town and now I have also, and will be gone for 6 weeks. We've texted here and there, not at all deep or anything, but when I mentioned I didn't feel I knew him outside of the bedroom, he replied that he thought otherwise. That being in group therapy, and with the decent amount we've talked (be it in bed) that I know him better than some people he's known for years. He also asked to see me when I return.

My question is: does it seem he's into me, and how much should I pursue him while gone? People tell me if he's interested, he'll let you know, which he's sort of done (I think), but I keep telling myself "it was only a fling, get over it."

One of his friends compared the situation to the movie Fight Club, which at first I considered a compliment but now I'm not so sure. I've never been this attracted to someone or want to be as honest, and when he made the comment "I don't know why I'm telling you this, I haven't told anyone" it gets me thinking there's a connection for him as well.

No matter, I'll be gone for a while and instead of obsessing over the details I thought to put it out there and get some objective advice.

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