Power of Death

by celine

Mean, it was peeping through my door,
in need of stealing a part of me!
Mean, it was so jealous of our love—
how cold blooded.
Mean, it had time to knock on my door,
demanding what I thought was legally mine!
how powerful than thee

Never had a dream,
that you will ever be away from my life.
farther than my hands can reach,
farther than my eyes can see,
farther than my ears can hear your whisper.
But you are still alive in my heart.

May God's sweet breath,
give you warmth and never freeze,
for i will need it some days.
May the Angel of Death,
preserve your sweet love,
for i will need it some days

This from me to you, Almighty,
when the power of death overcomes me,
grow me wings to fly to my love,
give me the insight to recognize his sweet heart,
the strength to hold him in my arms,
and the heart to love him again.
And from the songs of the angels' choir,
we will sing and dance.


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