by V

So ... me and my boyfriend of 6 months broke up 3 months ago.

I know it's stupid ... teenagers in love ... whatever.
That's what I thought too.
It's to the point where I can't stand it, and so I wrote this.
I'm sorry to anyone reading it who can't relate to it. =/

As a little girl, my priest taught me about a place called Heaven.
He said that it was better than all the good I’d ever witnessed in my short life.
I understood that.
He taught me about a place called Hell.
He said that is was worse than all the bad I’d ever witnessed in my short life.
It was a little harder, but I understood that too.
Then he tried to teach me about Purgatory.
It’s the in-between place he told me.
I couldn’t understand that.
Why isn’t everything just good or bad? I asked.
Maybe you’re too young, he said.
Come back and talk to me when you think you understand.

Aaah, you’re back, he said.
And how you’ve grown.
I’m sixteen now Father, and I’ve come to you because I think I understand, Or at least I’m trying.
Please help.

You see, he broke up with me three months ago.,
Yet he still loves me, and I can’t stop loving him.
This must be what Purgatory is like.
If Heaven is better than all of the good I’ve seen.
And if Hell is worse than all of the bad I’ve seen,
Then Purgatory must be more extreme than the feeling I’m experiencing right now?
Why yes, this is what I was waiting for.
You understand.
No father, I don’t understand.
There is no feeling worse than this one.

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