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Quotes Big Bad Love - quotations from the book of short stories written by Larry Brown and the screenplay of the same name written by Jim Howard reveal the average Joe's desire to love and his inability to love himself and create genuine relationships with others. Gritty and full of insights that arrive in interesting and circuitous ways, this collection of short stories will have you reflecting on the importance of love and life.

Love was a big word and it covered a lot of
territor. You could spend your whole life
chasing after it and wind up with nothing ...

~ Larry Brown, Quotes Big Bad Love, Falling Out of Love

... but I also knew that when a person found
out how bad somebody else wanted them it
automatically turned them off and they would
put a distance between you because the hunger
one person has for another is seldom shared
equally between them.

~ Larry Brown, Big Bad Love, Falling Out of Love

Love took a lot of different forms and sometimes
what appeared to be love wasn't really love at all,
was just infatuation in disguise.

~ Larry Brown, Big Bad Love, Falling Out of Love

I always think I'll find a woman. But if you go out
in sadness that's all you're going to find.

~ Larry Brown, Quotes Big Bad Love, Old Soldiers

quotes big bad love

I realized right that moment how different were the
different types of love. Love between man and woman,
husband and wife, was much different from say
between son and father, or father and daughter ...
Love for the right person could make you do anything,
give up your own life. I knew there was love that strong.
I felt it for my children.

~ Larry Brown, Big Bad Love, 98 Days

I was hoping I might find some disreputable woman or
some cast-off woman disreputable enough to take me
in for the night.

~ Larry Brown, Big Bad Love, 98 Days

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