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Quotes Love

In everyone there sleeps a sense of life
lived according to love.

~Phillip Larkin

Immature love says: "I love you
because I need you."

Mature love says: "I need you
because I love you."

~Erich Fromm

There is only one kind of love,
but there are a thousand different
imitations of it.


Quotes Love

Love is a capricious creature which
desires everything and can be
contented with almost nothing.

~Madeline de Scudery

Love is the tact of every good,
The only warmth, the only peace.

~Delmore Schwartz

quotes love

What is love? One name for it
is knowledge.

~Robert Penn Warren

Quotes Love

Whatever happens with us,
your body will haunt mine.

~Adrienne Rich

In true love it is the soul that
envelopes the body.

~Friedrich Nietzsche

Intimacy requires courage because
risk is inescapable.

~Rollo May

Even nectar is poison if taken to excess.

~Hindu Proverb

Loving can cost a lot, but no loving
always costs more ...

~Merle Shain

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Quotes Love

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