by Maria Baldwin

I've known this boy for over a year and I really like him, but didn't think he liked me, but he did. He was going to ask me out, but someone else asked me first who I also had feelings for and stupidly, I said yes. But it didn't work and the boy I was with turned out not to be who I thought he was.

Now the other boy is with someone else and still admits that he likes me, but doesn't what to hurt his girlfriend. It just really hurts me to see him with someone else, knowing that it could have been me. This really sounds stupid, I know. I have tried to get over him, but it doesn't work.

Should I keep trying to get over him or wait and see if he comes back to me?

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May 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

Don't worry, you're not the only one who has been through that. If you're feelings are still there for him, thengo for it again. If it does work out, then put everything into the relationship and try to stick with him till the end.

If he gives you a chance, then see where the relationship takes you in life. If he doesn't, go out with other guys and find a guy who actually cares about the relationship.

Remember that what goes around comes around.

May 19, 2009
What Will Be Will Be
by: Penny

You should try to get over him. I know it hurts seeing him with someone else. It probably also hurts him seeing you with someone else. It seems that you want him now because he has someone else because IF your feelings were this strong before, you never would have gone to the other guy. Instead, you would have waited.

He's moved on. Now you should too. If it's meant for you and him to be together you will be, but for now, live and let live! I know it hurts and I'm truly sorry.

May 18, 2009
by: Heartbroken Alli

Some can get over this
but if you can't

if you love him
you can wait
and if he loves you, he will come back
the light of your love will never dim

If it is just a crush
pick up your hurt heart
and brush it off
beware you may still feel the rush

his embrace should be everything
if you have true love
that is worth waiting for
and your heart should be aching for him

What I'm trying to say is wait if it matters most to you and he feels the same way. He may be as confused as you. If you think over time you can get over him, then do that.

-Heartbroken Alli

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