Rejection by Married Boyfriend

by Leslie
(South Korea)

My boyfriend thinks that I am a liar and have sex with other men. He broke up with me and it really caused too much pain to me. He is a married man. Do you think he will still come back to me?

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Aug 23, 2009
keep it moving
by: mia

I understand totally how you feel. Let me tell you from experience if he was accusing you whether he was married or not, he was doing a little more than you and his wife.

When a man accuses you without reason, please believe that he is already starting to set up shop so to speak with another person... But in all honesty, I can tell you, although it may seem hard to let go, if you can just get a little nerve to reject him just once, you will feel the fresh air and the urge to keep it moving.

Only you can make that move. No one on this web site or friends or family can tell you to leave him, only your heart can tell you to move on.

When you decide that enough is enough, you will probably feel guilty at first, but trust your instincts, and you will find happiness without him once you can accept that he is no good for you.

I won't tell you that he is bad for you because only you can know that.

In my experience, we were friends, then lovers, and I received all the time in the world with him, he helped me, my 2 kids etc...but what gets me is the holidays. So like I said I ca'nt judge you, but remember, if you can walk away, KEEP WALKING...

Aug 22, 2009
Feel Your Pain
by: successful

Girl, I feel your pain. Be strong and let him go! It's not fair to you or his wife. He's having his cake and eating it TOO! If for some reason, he leaves his wife, tell him to look you up. And if you're alone then YOU decide if you want to continue a relationship with him OR NOT! Maybe by that time, you will be stronger and in a better relationship! After all, it is his loss! Only the STRONG survive

Aug 22, 2009
Thank GOD!
by: Penny

Let me share something with you...your boyfriend was using you for whatever he could get from you, when he could get away from his wife who loves him dearly.

I know you don't understand that you should be thanking God that your married boyfriend let you go and you should be running as fast as you can, but I know you won't!

Aug 22, 2009
Don't be a fool
by: Cookie

Your first mistake was to get involved with a married person to begin with. He is using you and is not about to leave his wife for you.

And just always remember, if he cheats on her with you, he will cheat on you with someone else.

Aug 21, 2009
Reject- find your own
by: Anonymous

He is expressing his own characteristics. He is angry because you mirror the same. Truly, you must be honest with yourself, he will never be yours at least not in an honest way, but some like it like that (No Commitment)!

Sure he'll be back, but only for sex. If he treats his wife like that, and let's call it what it is adultery, how will he treat you? He will do you the same way. Find your own boyfriend and leave him alone!

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