Relationship Counseling - How to Get Your Spouse into Therapy

Most couples see relationship counseling as a last ditch effort to save their marriage from divorce. However, some couples realize that counseling can be effective early on in their relationship. Seeing a marriage counselor may be something to consider even for minor issues because catching these problems early can prevent them from turning into big issues which could eventually lead to divorce.

Younger couples are usually more open to trying new things which can make relationship counselling a good option, while older couples may be more likely to try to solve their issues on their own. Unfortunately, without the insight and guidance of a marriage counselor, most people end up building their resentment toward each other because they just don't know how to get past their issues.

If you have been thinking that your marriage could benefit from relationship counseling, invite your spouse in a gentle, caring way. Understand that at the mention, of counseling, some partners will become defensive and feel that you are blaming them or pointing out that they are incapable of fixing their issues on their own.

For some couples, relationship counselling is not an option, usually because one or both partners do not want to share their problems to a stranger. Some people find this humiliating and after all, although the therapist is a professional, they are a stranger. In some marriages, one partner may refuse to go to counseling, even though the other desperately wants to make the changes to save their marriage.

For other couples, the biggest issue is expense, either they don't have insurance or their insurance doesn't cover counseling except in the case of some kind of trauma. If you have to pay out of pocket, therapist can costs thousands of dollars. And of course there are no guarantees that counseling is going to work because first and foremost, you need to find a great therapist, one who can help you get to the core of the issues, renew your love and trust for each other and motivate you to do the work to change.

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Since just getting to therapy can create a lot of hurdles for couples, you might consider a relationship program that you can use in the privacy of your home to get to the core issues that are creating conflict in your marriage. This program is nothing short of incredible in its ability to transform your marriage and help you and your spouse remember what it was that brought you together.

In this relationship counseling program, you'll learn how to talk to your partner, so they will listen and how to get to the love that has been buried beneath the resentment all along. The program takes you through the common roles that people play that destroy a marriage. You'll watch couples working through their issues, guided by noted psychologist, Dr. Melnick, who is a gentle, caring and insightful man. These therapy sessions will teach you how to interact with your spouse in a new way—a way that deepens your love and understanding of each other. These sessions are so enlightening and heart-breaking ... you'll be moved to tears as you witness once rigid couples rediscover their love for one another. As you watch, you'll realize that you can save your marriage.

Dr. Melnick teaches us that falling in love is easy, but it takes skills to sustain a marriage. In this relationship counseling program, you'll learn the skills that no one took the time to teach you. The program is so effective it is offered on a trial basis and best of all, you can use it to save your marriage even if your spouse is unwilling to watch the DVDs or go through the workbook. The reason this works is obvious once you understand how relationship dynamics work: as you change the way you relate to your spouse, he or she will naturally soften and change their response. This is an excellent program and is well worth the cost.

Learn more about this at-home relationship counselling program. Get your copy while they are still offering it on a trial basis.

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