Relationship Question

by MarathonRunner210

Relationship Question:

Last year, I was dumped by my ex girlfriend and became depressed for quite sometime. One of my friend's ex girlfriends heard about it, felt bad for me, helped me vent my anger and invited me to a New Year's eve party where I met my current circle of friends.

At this party, I met a girl. The two of us became friends and started to take an interest in one other. I was hesitant to make a move since she had broken up with my friend a few weeks earlier.

Unluckily for me, another guy moved in, cheated on her and she dumped him. We only rarely talked while they went out but it has been almost a year later and we have started to talk again.

In the last month, she has invited me over her house to meet her family, and has become my regular workout partner. We are starting to regularly hang out in general. Every time I am with her alone, I feel like there is some connection between us, it seems as if we want to help each other reach our current goals, talk about future trips, concerts, vacations we say we will one day go on together. We crack sarcastic jokes at each other, and continue to playfully make fun of each other.

Oddly, her father has heard of me as an amazing athlete from his co-workers and his neighbors before he even met me and her mother and brother love to talk to me, it seems I am doing quite good "meeting the family."

My problem is, does she still have an interest in me? I honestly don't know. This girl is all I have been able to think about since the day I met her a year ago but yet I am afraid to make a move because I do not want to hurt our close friendship.

I regret everyday of my life for not acting before. She has quickly become one of my closest friends, I want it to be something more, but if I am getting mixed signals, I am afraid of losing it all. I've been making a few moves here and there to get a reaction either way, but she continues to confuse me.

I have never felt this way about a girl before. I have been cheated on countless times with girls, I have had troubles in my past showing my feelings for women because I never felt I could trust them, since they never truly understood me and being cheated on by previous girls, but this girl shares the same occupational interests, recreation, and music styles, and continues to help me and when we are down on our luck, I would trust her with anything.

I know it would be different with her, she is everything I would want in a girlfriend and I would give her my all. What to do?

My Relationship Questions are these:

1)From this situation what do you think?
2)Since we are still getting to know each other how can I get her to know me more?
3)How can I find out if she has feelings for me?
4)Do I go "all in" and just drop the question and ask her out of the blue or do I continue to get closer to her and when do I make my move?
5)Since its so complicated, should I just not risk ruining our friendship?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Nov 23, 2009
Don't waste the chance
by: Anonymous

I understand how you feel. You treasure your friendship so your afraid that this will end when you tell her how you feel, but you have to take the risk because it's the only way to know if she also wants you more than a friend.

Don't wait for a time that she can't wait anymore, don't wait because someone might take her away from you.

Just tell her how you feel for her and if friendship is all that she can offer to you then respect her decision and stay a good friend of hers.
Remember, it's better to try and failed than failed without trying...

Nov 10, 2009
Share Your Feelings
by: Anonymous

I can absolutely understand why it is so important to you that this is done right, but I think you need to relax a little and just tell her how you feel. It's much harder said than done, but you will miss your chance if you don't take the leap.

She obviously enjoys you and spending time with you. I imagine she has the same feelings for you right now!

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