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Our relationship quote collection is powerful because by following the wisdom in these quotations, you will learn how to create a relationship that is fulfilling for you and your partner. It is possible to love, learn and grow together over a lifetime—I know this for sure—because I've been married to my husband for almost twenty years.

In order for your love to deepen over time, you must be committed to bringing out the other person's best, as well as bringing forth the highest in yourself. Relationship is more than just a physical union—it is two souls, walking the path of life together, side by side.

~ Laura Ramirez

Powerful relationships arise when two
centered individuals commit themselves
to unconditionally love one another and
to support each other's growth toward
full potential.

~ Thomas Crum

I become through my relation to the Thou; as I
become I, I say Thou. All real living is meeting.

~ Martin Buber

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The self-centered person tests all things by the
question, "Am I getting in marriage the happiness
which I deserve?" And yet it is unfair without an
accompanying one: "Am I giving in marriage the
best that is possible for me to give?" Two persons
thinking of each others' happiness will find
themselves sharing a rich store of durable

~ Leland F. Wood

Relationships fail because people try to change
one another, thereby altering the chemistry that
brought them together in the first place.

~ Anonymous

The secret of forming a successful
relationship is for both parties to win.

~ John Gray

All of life is relationship.

~ Swami Rama

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Your most important relationship is with

~ Anonymous

Relationship Quote

It's not the lack of love but lack of
friendship that makes unhappy marriages.

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Once the realization is accepted that even
between the closest human beings infinite
distances continue to exist, a wonderful
living side by side can grow up, if they
succeed in loving the distance between them
which makes it possible to see the other
whole against the sky.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

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