Relationship Trouble - Dating Ex Wife's Best Friend

Relationship Trouble

A little background...The wife and I recently split up after 11 years of being together, married for the latter 5. We have a 3 year old together too. I met her when I was 20 and I'm now 31. The break up was about 3 months ago.

Throughout our rocky relationship, I always had feelings for and fantasies of her best friend. I NEVER said anything to "the friend" until recently. About a month ago, I confessed these feelings to "the friend." I realized they were deeper than I originally thought due to my suppressing them because of my marriage.

Relationship Trouble - Confession of Feelings

At first, she was completely shocked to hear my confession. She and I have been talking a lot about these feelings and she's come to realize she has similar strong feelings for me too. We have had sexual relations.

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I know it sounds bad and it is wrong to do this to a friend. However, our feelings are super strong. I love this girl like I never knew I could. It feels like the love you witness in a movie. She has changed my entire outlook on life.

After being together with someone for as long and as young as I was, being in another relationship is truly the last thing on my mind. But, I am in love beyond control. And she is too. I can see myself with her for the rest of my life.

Relationship Trouble - Looking for Advice

Now, I know we should never have done this due to the circumstances. And she feels extremely torn. She has been able to separate the two due to knowing my ex and how selfish and crappy she has treated me through the years.

What also helped her separate the two has been that my wife left me for another man.

She has betrayed her best friend, but found the love of her life (not bragging). She feels the conflict this creates would be too much to bear for us to be together. We would totally run away if I didn't have a child. I want to marry this girl and have a family and she does too.

Not sure how to break it to the ex.

She thinks we should stop because of the impossibilities of dealing with what comes with the betrayal. At the same time, she wants to continue on because of how passionate we feel for one another. And because of how great we are together.

I really that think breaking it off and going separate ways is out of the question. I think we're in too deep.

Any thoughts? Any advice on my relationship trouble? Whats your opinion? I need any sort of feedback. Thanks.

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Jan 18, 2009
dont let the past ruin your future
by: Anonymous

FOLLOW YOUR HEART! Don't let the past keep you from being happy in the future. If you really love your girlfriend, you will both do whatever it takes to be together. Do what your heart says and good luck.

Jan 07, 2009
Dating Ex Wife's Girlfriend
by: Jackie

Before you can decide what you're going to do, stop and think... what does my heart want me to do? What does my head tell me to do? If you really love her, stay with her. Your ex is your past, and don't let it stop you from being happy now... you were once together, but you're not anymore. So why are you letting the fear of how she will react ruin what could possibly be your life long happiness?

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If you love your girlfriend, and she loves you as much as you say you do, I think you shouldn't hold back on it. But then again, if you're willing to put an end to something that you say is so wonderful, because of someone who no longer shares their life with you.. do you really love and care for her as much as you say you do?

Only you know what you're really thinking, and how you're truly feeling, so you're the only one who can and will decide what your going to do about this.

I hope this will help.

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