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Relationships Advice for Men

Relationships can be tricky. Navigating the waters of love can be difficult for those who have never had a model of what a good relationship looks like. But Laura Love is here to help with relationship advice for men that is grounded in her knowledge of the different kinds of women in the world, how they behave and what their real motives are. If you're a nice guy who is always feeling like you're getting dumped on, then you need this advice.

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Relationships Advice for Men: Don't Keep Getting Burned

Without further ado, here is this week's video entitled, Backup Boy: Don't Get Burned Twice.

For those who prefer to read my relationships advice for men, here is the text of that video.

Today's show is about what to do when you've been burned twice by the same person. Here's the question:

Dear Laura,

I dated one of my best friends twice about a year ago. I was really hurt when i found out that both of these times, she broke up with me to go out with another guy. I felt like i was second best to her and i was her backup guy. well we managed to make a great friendship work and it has been going fine ever since. the problem is that i think she might want to go out again. after the last two breakups, i promised that i wouldnt let that happen to me again. but i really do love her and every time i talk to her, i forget about what she did. she says she has changed alot and i believe her. please i dont know what to do if she asks me out again. should i take her back or turn her down. PLEASE HELP!!!

Signed, Runner 9

relationships advice for men

Laura Love's Relationships Advice for Men:

Dear Runner 94

There's an old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Let's change that saying to fit the situation here: hurt me once, shame on you, hurt me twice, shame on me! No one wants to be someone else's backup guy, especially when this person is supposed to be your friend.

That said, people do change but some people only claim they have and then continue to repeat the same old patterns. You've been hurt twice before and you must protect your heart. If you do love this person and you really think that she has changed, then proceed carefully. Take things slow and pay attention to her behavior. Let her know that she is going to have to earn your trust and show you through her actions that she has changed.

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Relationships Advice for Men - Relationship Advice

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