Re-Solutions for Ley

by Teraisa

Teraisa loves Ley O'Connor RIP

Teraisa loves Ley O'Connor RIP

Rarely do I make resolutions, for I am a perfectionist and the typical New Year's resolutions are a nearly guaranteed way for me to fail over the upcoming year and that would crush me. To combat this problem, in my earlier days, I'd take my resolution and divide it up-thinking "divide and conquer-into small and achievable goals; but now I see that as procrastination, as everything I resolved to do, should have been done before.

2014 is different. My mom, the master procrastinator, asked me to not follow in her footsteps. Had she not asked this just last week, I'd have let her know why she's ridiculous and quite honestly, I'd have ignored the rest of the conversation while holding up the chip on my shoulder. But because she did ask this week, I listened. I considered. I cried.

My mom loved me so much, she'd tell me to not follow in her footsteps and make me promise because she knows that a perfectionist has to do things right: if I say I'd do it; I'll do it.

Mother died before 2AM on December 27, 2014. This year, I resolve to not follow in her footsteps, but RUN. Run to unconditional love that she bestowed on me all my life.

Mom, this one is for you. I will love freely and without a price tag. RIP

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