Romantic Gift Ideas for the One You Love

Most people wait for Valentine's Day to give a romantic gift. Thinking like this puts romance on hold. Waiting to show your loved one that you cherish him or her is like saving your fine china for use only during special occasions when you could appreciate its beauty every day. Make romance a way of life by surprising your partner with small presents, trips and outings throughout the year.

According to the New Oxford English Dictionary, the word romance means "a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love." When thinking up a romantic gift idea, combine excitement and mystery with the element of surprise.

To surprise your loved one requires some planning on your part. Your plan can be complex or simple depending upon whether you're dreaming up a romantic getaway to a ski resort, bed and breakfast or the beach or sending a bouquet of flowers for no other occasion than to show you care. For flowers, I always use 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. They're fast, inexpensive and have beautiful arrangements from which to choose.

Romantic gifts are not limited by small budgets. A surprise picnic at the park with wine, cheese, crackers and a poetry reading can be just as fun as giving a box of candy or a string of pearls. Although a picnic may be easy on your wallet, it's also fun to go all out.

Here is our recommendation for Romantic Gifts that cost less than $100 and are delivered to your door. If you're feeling spunky, check out the "slightly naughty" weekend gift.

Romantic Gift

How about creating a romantic dinner for two? Arrange for the wine to arrive the day of the dinner with a special note from you with little hints about the night on the town and what you're going to do to him or her afterward! Of course, you'll enjoy a glass of hand-selected wine before your evening out.

romantic gift

Give your spouse or lover the gift of Ultimate Relaxation. This delightful gift basket will make her day.

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Or how about sending a very romantic message in a bottle? Pick your favorite quotation from our site, add your thoughts and feelings and send a beautiful bottle of your choice with your message in a lovely gift box.

If you want to get fancy, we suggest an evening on the town: dinner and a show at the movies or theatre or a romantic getaway to a nearby bed and breakfast, remote cabin or a two day cruise. To make it fun, keep your romantic gift a surprise until the last possible moment. (You can do this by packing your spouse's or partner's bags for them. If you do this, make sure that you know what they like to wear and that you check the weather forecast for your destination.)

Here's an idea for unveiling your surprise. (I use this ploy because it always seems to work.) Let's say, you plan to fly your spouse to San Francisco for dinner and a night in a luxury hotel. Take your spouse or partner out for drinks and present them with a card in which you've tucked the airline tickets. (Be sure to enclose one of the love quotes listed on our site.)

Remember there's nothing like a little romantic gift now and then to keep your love alive. We all long to feel loved and cherished.

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