Sad Lost Love Poem

Sad Lost Love Poem ... ... by Tyler Layne illustrates the pain and longing for a love relationship that did not work out. Even though during the poem, the author realizes the relationship is over, he still hopes that this will turn around. If you are in a similar position, read Tyler's sad love poem and know that you are not alone.

Like Tyler, I invite you to share your joy, pain and longing for love on the pages of this web site. Doing so, allows you to express your deepest feelings and help others in the process. No matter where you live, what you do or how strong you think you are, we all share these feelings. In the final analysis, we all yearn to be loved.

Join me in giving Tyler a virtual pat on the back for having the courage to put his feelings into words and share them with others.

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Sad Lost Love Poem:

by Tyler Layne

sad lost love poem

I'm afraid to fall, afraid to fall too fast,
It seems that every time I do fall,
I always seem to come in last,
I always seem to get my hopes up for you and I,
Only to be trampled by being seen as the "nice guy."

I thought you and I were actually meant to be,
You led me on and blinded my eyes to see,
That you were the one, who had different thoughts,
About the hard life lesson that I was taught.

So I act all happy that you found another man,
But I'm the one who has to strengthen my stand,
I know you're not the only one I've ever fallen for,
Like they say, one closes—another open door.

I wanted to be really mad at you at first,
But if I'm not the one, we'd be nothing but cursed,
You always bring a smile to my face,
Even though I know I'll never take his place.

So I bid farewell to my thoughts and wishes,
Knowing that I'll never have your hugs and kisses,
But that's okay thinking that in this decision you'll be glad,
I'd never want anything for you other than memories we've had.

So I'm home alone in my bedroom,
Just thinking of how great it will be,
When I'm not here alone in what seems like a tomb,
But when it'll be forever just you and me.

I can't wait to be so anxious I can't sleep,
Cause you're the reason for my whole life I've seeked,
I want you so bad I can almost taste it,
But being single for this time, I'd be happy to waste it,

Just to have you in my arms so tight to hold,
I know you're the one that will be funny and bold,
You're the person I've been waiting all my life for,
I'm just waiting to meet you through that next open door,

My mom always tells me to just be patient because one day she'll come,
But gosh if I knew where you were, believe me I'd run,
Into your arms forgetting anyone else in my way,
Just to spend the rest of my life with you, plus one day.

I love you already, you have no idea or can't understand,
That forever one day, we'll be pronounced as beloved woman and man,
You'll be my life, my source of strength, and my breath,
To you I pledge my life, I will never part until my death.

You know this whole relationship process turned out somewhat grim,
But I've come to realize the one thing that made us not work,
That was easy
I'm not him-

Sad Lost Love Poem courtesy of Tyler Layne.

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