Scout Sweethearts

by Blue Jeans

I've been with my incredible boyfriend for a bit over a year. We first met when I was 8 and he was 9, we were on a scout camp together.

We both lived in the same community but never met each other before the camp. He made the camp unforgettable! We still talk about the camp today (8 years later).

I hadn't seen Dave for years, little did I know that he lived next door to one of my best friends and his house was a 5 minute walk from mine. In September 2009 we started to send each other comments via Bebo, I started to like dave more and more and used to spend hours lurking through his bebo pictures.

One night Dave and my friend Eugene (Dave's best mate) called for me, I hung out with them for a while. The next day I called for David but because we have different friends I only spent a few minutes with him...

On New Year's Eve 2009 we arranged to meet up, I was hoping he would be my New Year's kiss! We met up and swapped numbers, before this I never had his number. We went for a romantic walk through the snow that started to fall at exactly 12:00 am. Dave was my first New Year's kiss.

We both were drunk when we had our first kiss, throughout the drunken night we made arrangements to meet up the next day. I didn't even know this but my friends told me we had. Dave asked me out that night but neither of us remember, he also proposed to me with a bracelet my friend borrowed off me (I wear the bracelet everyday along with the necklace he bought me)when we met up the next day he re-asked me out. Our anniversary is the 1/1/10.

Thanks to our scout camp 8 years ago I met my best friend and gained an amazing boyfriend. My friends always tease me saying he's my scout sweetheart!

We're both still in Scouts and go to scout events with each other every month but now as a couple.

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