Second chances

People may say that teenagers don't know what love is. I mean, I don't think we feel the love that our parents feel by any means, but we feel some kind of love.

I have loved him since the very second I laid eyes on him. He is one year older than me. Two summers ago, my best friend invited me to go to her church & go to some kind of Bible school with her. Of course I agreed to go, not knowing I would meet him. We walked in & that's when I saw him leaned up against the wall & my heart stopped. She introduced us & as soon as we started talking we automatically "clicked." He understood me more than any other guy had, it was like I could be my complete self around him & tell him anything.

We started talking more & soon became very close. That Valentines Day, he asked me to go to the movies with him. After the movie as we were standing outside hugging, he whispered in my ear for me to be his. I said yes. That relationship didn't turn out the way I was hoping it would.

With us being in different grades, we didn't see one another as much as we wanted. His grade went on a trip to Washington D.C & come to find out he was all over some other girl that whole weekend. Of course no one told me until I saw pictures on Facebook & that's when I experienced my very first heartbreak. This didn't ruin our friendship though, we continued to make each other laugh & pull pranks on each other as always.

Neither one of us lost the feelings we had for each other. No matter who either one of us dates, we always get drawn back together. Saying this, we are together again & our 4 month anniversary is coming up.

Never be afraid to take second chances.

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