Second Thoughts

by Johnny

Second Thoughts

I've been with my girlfriend for about 5 weeks now. We've both had our fair share of problems but we have sorted them out. But recently I've been feeling more and more down, and feel more and more that she doesn't love me as much any more.

She says she does and it kind of makes me feel better but I always end up feeling the same again. She seems to be flirting with other guys. I don't know whether she intends to do it or not but that's why I keep having second thoughts about us. Is there anything you can suggest?

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May 20, 2010
second thoughts
by: thelani

I also experienced that a few months ago. I am very jealous whenever I see my boyfriend so sweet with other girls, especially with my best friend who is actually the girl that he courted before me, but she rejected him.

Many things lingered in my thoughts. Every night, I kept on thinking creepy things about our relationship which triggered me to do crazy things such as attempting to break up with him.

But you know what? An honest and true conversation helps a lot. I talked to him, I told him how much i loved him, then later, it was just a struck of lightning that Ii did realize that I was acting like a child. That all these feelings of jealousy and doubt over my boyfriend's love for me were just generated by false accusations and immaturity. :o

Mar 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

You say you feel as if she doesn't love you as much...and you also said that she flirts with other guys and still tells you she loves you.

Well dear, I think you should sit her down and talk. Look into her eyes...and ask her if your relationship means as much to her as it does to you. If she lies...You'll be able to tell...

You'll get this feeling whether it be a gut feeling or a catch in your throat...

Trust your instincts...
They're there for a reason.

Good luck.

I wish you well.

Mar 26, 2010
Second Thoughts
by: Anonymous

You said, "recently you've been feeling more and more down," could you be depressed and feeling insecure about your relationship? You probably feel that your girlfriend's flirting means that she doesn't love you as much any more.

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