secret crushed on each others times apart?

I didn't know if I was in love or not but all I knew is that I couldn't stop thinking about her and then I had gotten hold of her phone number and asked her out over her answering machine because she didn't pick up. She said no. I was crushed and didn't want to think about it anymore. so I knew I had to live without her and I tried to let it go but couldn't I just ignored her as much as I could. Then after couple of months she had a crush on me with me knowing everyone seemed to know just not me. I found out 1 year later from friends and I started to yell at them for not telling me. They just said we thought you didn't like her anymore. It's been 3 years since she moved away and I still think of her

and the saddest part is that is that I still regret not trying as hard as a could have to get with her.

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