Secret relationship?

by Raenita

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Secret Relationship

Okay. So I liked this guy for a long time, like months. The problem was that my friend liked him also. She knew that I liked him so she came onto him more, flirting with him and telling him he should be with her.

The truth is, he really liked me more but he never had the time to hang out with me because she was hogging it all up. They ended up going out and breaking up within 3 days. He said the reason he broke up with her is because he really didn't like her, he liked someone else (meanwhile she was deeply hurting over him).

He and I stayed close and talking for a while because inside, I still liked him. We flirted and had such a good time together, so I thought he was THE ONE FOR ME!

That is until we actually went out. He only texted me and told me to meet him in secret places and not to tell anyone. I wondered why he never wanted to be out with me (his GIRLFRIEND!). I got so fed up with it and confronted him about it one day. He said I was crazy and I didn't know what I was talking about.

He didn't deny that he was ashamed of me or he still wanted to be a player and have other girls. Evidently, that he means he either was one or the other, or both right?

I broke up with him right then! How can I have a secret relationship with someone that doesn't want to be seen with me? I'm not that desperate! I really liked him and I am so glad that I am over him. I still see him from time to time at school, but he says nothing to me. The good thing is: I don't care! I thought I would be hurt over him! But I could care less!

Now I'm not sure if I want a boyfriend. I like the freedom and individuality, but I still miss the comfort of having someone there for me. Now I just hang out with everyone and I'm such a free-spirit. I love it!

I now have my eye on two guys. I'm a freshman and they're both older than me (one is a sophomore, one is a senior). They're really cool people that I love to talk to and laugh with. I can tell that even if I don't end up going out with either, it'll be a really great relationship as friends. Either way it's a win-win!

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