SERIOUS Ex problem....HELP!!

by Janette

I need some love advice here pretty badly. When I first started seeing my boyfriend a year ago, I noticed a girl posting on his wall every couple of days about calling him. I asked him who she was and he said it was his ex girlfriend and he didn't even know why she was calling him and said it was nothing.

Later on, his friends told me a few months earlier he had said he couldn't stop thinking about his ex, but I figured he had gotten over it because he never talked about her. Later, while we were seeing each other I find out via his wall that he is going to be hanging out with her ... I asked him about it and he said she was going to be in town (lives far away) and she wanted to hang out for a little while.

Turns out they hung out basically every night while she was home. He would tell me what they did and said they were never hanging out just the two of them.

It honestly didn't bother me at all at first. I knew he liked me and I figured they were just friends ... they dated for 3 years, 8 years ago. I didn't think it was a big deal. Then I found out how much she was contacting him and it became pretty obvious that she definitely 100% still had feelings for him, he even admitted it.

Knowing this, I got extremely uncomfortable with the situation and I told him I would really rather they didn't talk as much. He said she would call about every 2 weeks and send him messages sometimes. He told her he was seeing someone and regardless of that, she would still post on his wall things that were making it known that she was in close contact with him, which was pretty awkward for me, and embarrassing. She even asked him to fly down to her state to stay with her.

I told him it made me uncomfortable and that I would prefer if they didn't talk AS much because it put me in an awkward position. He told her the contact needed to go down and she still calls and messages. We have broken up twice over this already because he was still picking up the phone.

I finally thought he was not talking to her anymore and then he tells me she called and said she was going to be around and wanted to hang out, and asks me if i would get mad if they hung out.

I was pretty mad that he even picked up the phone again. We are fighting right now and I don't really know what to do. I'm pretty sick of his ex's need for attention from him, and I'm
very tired with him complying to it.

He says I'm over reacting, and says he is not going to stop talking to her, and that I should see it from his side, that they have been friends for 8 years, she lives far away, and that their families are close.... he says she still has feelings but he can control himself and he only likes her as a friend and that he REALLY likes me ...

ANY thoughts, would be VERY much appreciated, even a sentence....I don't get mad often, honestly, but this is just to much drama, maybe it's me, I don't know...HELP!

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