Shark Attack

by Bryttani Kelly



I had had this crush on this guy since the third grade. I really liked him so I started to do little things to maybe get him to notice me, which resulted in embarrassing moments.

I was at a football game and I was walking by the football guys. It was after the game and I walked by Dustin (my crush) like he was a nobody. He smiled and said, "Hi Bryttani."

I turned to look at him while I was still walking and...I ran into a pole. If you think that's embarrassing, then listen to this. After I ran into a pole, I tripped over a little kid, then I landed in some nachos someone had thrown on the ground.

But, the most amazing thing happened. Dustin jumped over the fence in his uniform and went over to me.

"Are you okay? That was *chuckle* some fall."

"Oh ha, ha, ha. Very funny."

Dustin bent down and helped me up. He leaned in and (I thought) he was going to kiss me. It was going to be my first kiss so I puckered my lips up a little too much. He started to laugh. And laugh hard.

"What??" I asked embarrassed.

"You *laugh* look like *laugh* a fish!"

I frowned. Nevertheless I puckered my lips out more and squeezed my eyes close. The last thing I remember him saying was, "Mmm, Shark attack."

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