she was the first, yet not the last

by Tyler Collins
(Ft. Pierce)

for she was the first,

yet not the last.
like a deep cut that makes a scar
to remind me of the past.
i promised her my love till the day that i die,
and that promise i will keep,
like the tears behind my eyes.
the cut is a scar and bleeds no more,
but the love remains in my heart,
that only i cannot ignore.
if i were her first,
would it still be the same?
or would we still be together
like a candle and its flame.
does she think of me
how i think of her,
or am i just another distant blur?
i thought we had something that we could cherish forever,
yet it went by so quickly,
forever felt like never.
when i told her i loved her
and she did not reply back,
i did not know what i did to deserve that.
i looked into her eyes and told her i loved her
more than anything in my life.
i meant it.
my love for her will always last,
yet to me it seems like she's left it in the past.
it seemed like she thought she loved me at the time,
but when she left me,
it seemed that love was only a crime.
she stole my heart,
and never gave it back,
but the thing is,
i dont want it back.
i want her to keep it,
because she was my first,
but not her last,
like a deep cut that reminds us of our past.

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