Should I be with my fiance after he is betrayed me once?

by MeowMeow

Me and my fiance are in a relationship since 2 1\2 years. We had a long distance relationship, i was in Tanzania and he was in india. We talked every night for hours and i always felt safe with him. I trusted him a lot. For more than a year we were far away from each other.

One night we were talking and he told me that i was not the 1st girl he had a relation with. 6 months before we were dating he was with some other girl. This was the first time he mentioned someone besides me in his love life. He said he didnt love her and they had a relation just for a month. They never even met each other and they broke up. This was the reason he didnt tell me about it.

After 3 months my family and me shifted to india. Then i stayed there and we met every single day, and did what every couple does. Our family was already happy for us.

One day he told me that his ex-girlfriend's twin sister is still his friend. And he wants me to meet her. I was scared that if i dont trust him into this, he will end up betraying me, so i met his friends. His ex also came at my place. I served her, talked to her as nicely as i could. Then we met often. I used to mind but i could never own up this to him. i thought i would end up hurting his feelings.

After some days, for some particular reason, i had to go to His ex-gf's house. I met her over there and we were talking. Some topic got raised and i asked her about her relation with my fiance. She told me it was 2 months before i went to india, they broke up.

I was shattered, i was dating my fiance for more than a year now and he already had another gf. Our family was involved too. I told her that i m into a relation with him since a year, how could he date u when he was already engaged to me? She was also shocked. She told me that they kissed each other and he gave her hugs and love bites.
And he told her about me that, his parents are forcefully making him get married to me.

Later that day, i confronted him. He cried, begged and told me that he was far away from me, he asked for a chance and i loved him so much i gave him a last chance.

Today, 8 months have passed. I still cry and almost want to die everyday. I did forgive but its not easy to live like this. I am not in india anymore, we are far away from each other again. He changed alot, he loves me more than before. He cares for me, he cried when i cry. He is very sorry about all this. i tried leaving him a couple of times but he doesnt let me. He begs! I am unhappy, i dont think i can trust anyone any more. i dont think i can love again, it doesnt matter if its him or someone else. i wont ever be able to live my life like how i used to. I really need help.

I am not happy, and whenever i try leaving him, he isnt happy! Its frustrating. 24 hours i keep thinking about their kisses and hugs. I keep dying from inside. Please help me out. Give me some way to Live with him, happily, because its 8 months now and i m not living! please help!

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Oct 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

Run sista run

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