Should i go out with him?

by Jade G.

I broke up with my boyfriend last week and I've been over him for a while, but I just didn't know how to end it. I am a 13 year old girl. Me and my ex went out for 5 months. We go to the same school and have 2 classes together. He hates me now, which I could care less about, but there is this other boy I like. He is 13 as well, but goes to a different school.

This boy likes me too, but I'm unsure about going out with him. I really want to, but when would we really get to see each other? I never had a relationship where I could only see someone on weekends. I talk to this boy on the phone every night. I've heard good and bad about him.
The bad: I've heard he tells every girl he loves them and he never has had a relationship that lasted more than two months.
The good: he's a real nice kid. He's never cheated or anything. I've heard that he does actually like me.

The bad I heard from people who hate him and the good from his friends or people who like him, so I'm unsure what to believe.
Should I go out with him? I really like him and he likes me a lot too. What do you think?

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