Should I trust again?

by Mary

Ok about three years ago I broke up with my boyfriend, also the father of my three kids, because he was "talking" to this girl. He would text her all night and day, and once I found out and he wouldnt stop I ended it, well six months later and after very long talks we got back together, we got a hoyse phone and got rid of the cell phones, everything was good til we got cell phones again. I fell like hes still texting her, he tells me hes not and he dont want to do nothing to lose me and the kids again, but I cant get it out of my head, please any advice would help, im so stressed and depressed..

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Nov 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yes, you should trust again. Love works best when there is absence of fear and loathing whether it be towards the other person or towards yourself.

Removing cell phones and only having a home phone it seems may not take away any feelings or real issues - reminds me of all the times I have quit smoking and thinking if I would just throw them away and lighter of course, I would be in fact, quit. Did not work how many times? The peace I feel now is different than before - can't explain it. Anyways, seems like an analogy for the phones you described.

Love and emotions of it are tenuous and its almost like we have to open our palm and let it all go in order to have it. Fear and lack of trust can't exist in it.

I may not be making any sense - just thoughts I had after reading it.

And also, I am crazy in love with someone. Just sayin.

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