Should we work this out?

by Kelsey

I dated my ex for about one year, and I was the one to break it off because we fought all of the time. My fault. He was really nice, sweet, smart, never did anything to hurt me...he still is a great guy. But I was always the one hurting him, I don’t trust men period.

He fell head over heels for me and he was always telling me how much he loved me, he even put my full name in a poem he wrote himself. But I just kept hurting him and hurting him. Then I began lying to him day after day because he took his friends' side of the story over mine.

(His friend told him I slept with him when I’m a virgin, still am) Then he started calling me whore and slut whenever we fought. And after we broke up, it was about a month I guess when I started to miss him badly.

I made myself into an ass by begging him to take me back. Texting, calling, stopping him whenever I saw him, I even drunk-called him once. Well anyway about 4 or 5 months went by and I remembered that his birthday was only a few days away and I texted him, asking if I could wish him a happy birthday, he said that was fine, so I asked if I could do it in person and he said "No, it still hurts to think about you."

It’s been 9 months since we last spoke and just yesterday I had two text messages from him saying "I really miss you and I’m sorry for everything" and "leaving you was the worst mistake I ever made."

During our relationship, we did say I love you to each other, he said it first...but now I feel as if I blew the only chance I’ll ever have at love. I broke his heart and mine in the process.

I’ve grown up a lot since we broke up, I know I’ve changed. And well I just want to know if he misses me, is there a chance we'll get back together? If we do, will we still fight?

The magic of making up

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Sep 15, 2009
Move On
by: terver terver

No one in this life has ever wished to be lonely.
There's always a reason for every thing in life and this is the time for you to move on with your life and forget your ex because you don't deserve him. You two have gone through a lot but it has mostly been your fault.

Please move on with your life & forget him because you don't seem compatible.

Sep 11, 2009
by: Gabrielle

Dear Girl,

This has ALL THE SIGNS of a CO-DEPENDENT, DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIP! You must find it in yourself to MOVE ON & find TRUE LOVE....where EACH PARTNER is WHOLE ENOUGH in THEIR OWN SELVES & HAS SOME BALANCE to offer their partner! LOVE should not HURT! LOVE only HEALS, although with HEALING, sometimes it "ouch's" a is NOT AN ONGOING FIGHT OR STRUGGLE OR COMPETITION with each other!

Please BELIEVE me when I say WALK AWAY! I've BEEN THERE, & now RESPECT MYSELF & OTHERS ENOUGH to hopefully NEVER be in such a relationship again! I know we should never say "never"; but if I did find myself in such a relationship again, I will WALK AWAY the FIRST MOMENT I am AWARE of it!

Blessings & Best Wishes to you, DEAR ONE,
You Deserve BETTER!


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