Quotes on Solitude to Help You Cherish Time Alone

Solitude is the balm of the soul. It's a time to regroup, to meditate, to discover who you are beyond your roles and the limitations imposed on you by others. Give yourself some alone time every day, even if it's only ten minutes. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and allow yourself to fully inhabit your inner space.

The quotes on solitude below will remind you that it is a necessary part of leading a balanced, spiritual and conscious life—allowing yourself the time to gaze within and meditate. Cultivate and cherish your moments spent alone. Solitude reinvigorates and refreshes the heart and soul.

~ Laura Ramirez

I restore myself when I'm alone.

~Marilyn Monroe

Solitude is an audience-chamber with God.

~Walter S. Landor

Only in solitude do we raise our hearts
to the Heart of the Universe.

~Miguel de Yunamunojugo

Solitude Quotes

It is only alone, truly alone
that one bursts apart, springs forth.

~Maria Isabel Barreno

The more powerful and original a mind, the
more it will incline towards the religion of solitude.

~Aldous Huxley


Use the mind to overcome negative programming and create a better life

Man cannot survive without air, water and
sleep. Next in importance comes food.
And close on its heels, solitude.

~Thomas Szasz

To be an adult is to be alone.

~Jean Rostand

I never found the companion that
was so companionable as solitude.

~Henry David Thoreau

Sweet Solitude

I'm single because I was born that way.

~Mae West

I looked always outside of myself to see
what I could make the world give me instead
of looking within myself to see what was there.

~Belle Livingstone

Alone, I am drunk on my thoughts.

~Mason Cooley

Solitude is for me a fount of healingwhich makes my life worth living.


Follow your own path, and let people talk.


Solitude is a kind of freedom.

~Umberto Eco

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