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Sports Quote Collection - There's nothing like that special quotation to motivate you or pick you up when you're discouraged, injured or just not performing at your best. The words of wisdom from athletes who are at the top of their game will remind you which qualities are needed to persevere. Few people understand the quest for excellence as well as a professional athlete.

~ Laura Ramirez

Great running is an art so intensely personal, no two
men do it quite alike. When a cat makes a beautiful
run, it's poetry and jazz. That's why no coach can make
a great runner. Great runners are works of God.

~ Jimmy Brown

The great players are going to play, but the ones who
are going to win for you are the ones who are great
but don't know it.

~ Paul Bear Bryant

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Pressure is part of the game for all top athletes, in all
sports, as it is for people at the top in any walk of life.

~ Nadia Comaneci

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At the top level of many sports, gymnastics included,
the psychological demands are greater than the physical.

Single-minded determination and total self-control give you
the edge in a close fight.

~ Nadia Comaneci

Every time I got hit, I learned something and found ways
to improve my defense that wouldn't weaken my attack.
I built up punching power largely through a heavy bag.
I don't believe many people appreciate how hard and how
long I worked slugging away at that big bag. That wasn't
a matter of weeks but a hard steady grind for several years.

~ Jack Dempsey

Success in any sport, and I suppose in life itself, is all
about confidence; recognize your limitations by all means,
but work away at trying to push them further back all the
time. It is unbelievable what can be achieved if you only
try. Aim for the impossible. Failure is always easiest to
bear when you know in yourself that you have given your
best, and maybe a little extra.

~ Nadia Comaneci

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I always believed in myself. Even when I was a kid, before
I started playing basketball. I was always small. Yet I always
had big hands and could jump, so I learned to be trickier
than bigger guys. I liked to experiment. I loved to watch
guys and what they'd do in emergency situations. When I
practiced, I worked on a way to take advantage of my

~ Julius Erving

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Life is like boxing. You've only got so many punches to
throw and you can only take so many.

~ George Foreman

Hockey teaches you humility.

~ Wayne Gretsky

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