Start Love Relationship with a Friend?

by Jerilynn

Dear Laura,

I'm writing to you hoping that you could give me some advice... So here's my problem... I really like this guy and sometimes when we're together I've noticed that he flirts with me... His best friend has told me that he likes me but I didn't believe him until I saw it for myself... I really like this boy and he finally told me how he feels and I would like to tell him that I feel the same way... But every time I try to tell him I get this feeling like I shouldn't... I want things between me and him to go farther and escalate into something better... Perhaps a relationship... Only problem is... This boy is one of my best friends... I love this boy to death and I really don't want to lose him... So I am afraid to tell him the way that I feel because... Well I'm scared that if we do go out and things don't quite work out as expected then it could put a strain on our friendship... I don't want that to happen... His friendship means everything to me and I would do anything and everything I can to make it last... Even if it means putting my feelings off to the side... But another problem... Now I really don't know what to do because not only are my feelings involved but his as well... I really don't want to hurt him and I'm afraid that either way I go with this thing will screw up our relationship along the way... Please help me... Your help would be greatly appreciated...


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