Stay with Him or Leave?

by Madison Rakes
(kenova, wv united states)

My boyfriend and I started dating June 30, 2010 and everything ws going great. Well the next week on Thursday his grandmother got sick and was dying so he left and went to see her. About three days had past and I hadn't heard form him and I started to get worried because his dad couldn't even get ahold of him.

Well I called one of his bestfriend and asked him where he was, and he told me that he had went out to a buddies of his instead of staying with his dying grandmother. So I got his bestfriend and one of his other friend to go out to where he was, as we got there I got excited because I hadn't seen him in four days. We got out and went in, I sat beside him and loved on him.

Before we left I pulled him to the side and asked when he was coming home, and he said i dont know could be a week maybe longer. I was in tears when I left, and then later found out he moved out of the apartment and out to where he had been. So I decided that i wasn't gonna stop my life for him when he comes back then i'll be here but until then I was gonna hang with friends.

One of my best guy friends has a motorcycle and he promised he'd take me for a ride on it and he did, well my boyfriends bestfriend ran his mouth and told him that i went off with some guy, well I called him a few nights later and asked "baby when are you coming home," and he said, Don't know. How was your little motorcycle ride? I said fun and he hung the phone up!

I called back and he answered hi, bye. I was in tears. I cried all night over that because he treated me like that. Well now I just found out that he stole a four wheeler and is now in jail...we're still together but I dont know what to do. Should I end it or keep it going? Please, I need some advice.

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