Team Tyler.

by Mika Mae
(New Jersey)

This is my guy :)

This is my guy :)

He is one of my closest and dearest friends, and has been for 6 years. I met him in summer before 5th grade. Oh, such a long time ago. We went out for a few months last summer... but he cheated. So we broke it off. I love him more than a friend and always will, it seems. He tells me he wants me back, but how do I trust him? We spend countless number of hours together, all the time, every day. I'm friends with his sisters, and his mom always invites me over before he even knows about it. Will it happen? I have no clue. But I really want it to. If we go out and we break up on bad terms. I think I will basically die. He's been my best friend for almost half my life. I love him. He gives me hope for the future. Tyler, I love you.

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