Teen Love Story

by Ashleigh
(Canada Ontario)

i am the one with the rose

i am the one with the rose

It is made not to search for love but to let love find you. A stranger can even be your true love. You'll never know

Well I was seeing this guy for almost a year and he finally asked me out on Valentine's Day which is pretty funny because I remember when we first met, I told him that I always wanted to be asked out on Valentine's Day. The funny part is how we met and how we got to where we are now.

I met him when I saw him walking down the street to go home for lunch. He was walking by himself, so I whistled at him and told him to come over to the side of the street I was on. He came over and I asked him if he would like to go to lunch with me. He said that he was going home for lunch and then off he went. Later that day after lunch, I saw him walking the halls between classes so I yelled his name.

We talked on the phone that night and he said that we should hang out more often and suggested we could go for lunch the next day.
I always believed that your true love could be a stranger so I took a big risk and asked him out over the phone.

He replied saying he didn't know. So the next day we went to lunch and he said that he wanted to take a chance. But after I had talked to him on the phone I went over to a close friend's birthday party where we were drinking and somehow a good friend of mine asked me out. I answered yes completely forgetting about the other guy that day. (see what drinking does to you -lesson-)

Anyways, I told him during lunch that I was dating someone so he was a bit confused. That day we hung out. That night again we talked on the phone and decided we would share a locker, so we did. For the longest time, we hung out all the time and never did we stop telling each other that we were interested. Well one day, he wrote me a song about the whole situation that put me in tears. (he is a singer and guitarist) and so... I wrote him one in return as I myself am the same.

Even after on year, we were always together hanging out and unseparable. Then finally he asked me to date on Valentine's Day (one of my dreams). I had broken up with my boyfriend months before this took place. But not knowing that was what he was doing, I asked him out a few times and he said no. And on Valentine's Day, he told me it was his plan and that he loved me and he too believed that a complete stranger could really be your true love.

We are still together and its been nearly 2 years! nothing ever changes the love and bond we share. Not only are we in love, but best friends too. We always fist fight each other as a complete joke and laugh the entire time. People say we are crazy but I think we are just too crazy teenagers in love.

To be in love with a complete stranger allows you to truly learn something new about them through out your lives. Love can truly be interesting.

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Jul 09, 2015
Interesting!!!!!! NEW
by: Manu

You are looking so cute. I have read your statement and I think you have shared a worthy dialogue. You will find your true lover very soon. I am very happy to read this post. Keep sharing such thoughts! Beverly Diamonds Scam

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