Tell me what love is

by R. C. Harrison
(Hatfield . England )

If you say tell me what love is, I will say I can not answer.

You will one day find your answer, You will know when love awaits you.
Slowly like the spring returning, Softly like a rose bud opening,
Love will enter though you know not, changing everything it touches.
When you know the joy of meeting, You may start to know what love is,
When you know the pain of parting, You begin to know what love is.
You will know when love is present, When it comes and gently holds you,
When it calls you have to listen, Do its bidding when its asks you
You will wake with love before you, You will sleep with love beside you,
Love is giving and receiving, Nature's way of making new love.
Something of yourself it borrows, You will see your love reflected
In the eyes of little children, In the eyes of those that love you.
Only this I have to tell you, You one day will know the answer,
You yourself will know the answer, When you know the answer tell me.

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