by Bri

Don't text me back, that's perfectly fine. Don't worry about the fact that I actually took the time.

Just don't come hug and kiss me whenever you feel. Don't tell me you love me, I'm putting up a shield.

Because you obviously don't love me, you would treat me better. And those hugs you give me, aren't sweet. just bitter.

Find another girl, you can do it little boy. Just go out there, talk sweet, and show those pretty white pearls. That's how you got me, remember?

You flirted with me, then gave me your number. We texted every night and you shook me like thunder. So there it was, a little crush, and soon every time you talked to me I always seemed to blush.

So I wasn't in denial, I knew I liked you. But after all the hallway moments I couldn't help but smile. I soon became your "favorite" and your "number one hugger." A few days after you said that you became my lover. I wrote about you everyday, hoping you would feel the same. But you liked someone else, I got over it, a little ashamed.

After you stopped liking her I liked you AGAIN. I'm still mad crazy about you but I want it to end. Because you obviously don't feel the same, something would have happened by now. But I will NOT be your toy. You will NOT drive me crazy and make me lose my concentration, you're only a boy.

So I won't text you anymore, not like you care. I had my time with you though, I had my fair share. But I'm over you bud, so don't waste my time. You say you love me but your words are lies.

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