The Farmhand

by Kaitlyn

Why Men Withdraw From Women

It all started back in 6th grade when I went to take my dad supper. It was during harvest, and my mom didn't think I was old enough to stay home alone. As much as I love my dad, there is nothing more boring sitting in the truck while he eats, and then convinces you to ride in the tractor for the billionth time.

As we approached the field, I saw someone who I've never seen at the farm. A scrawny teenage boy, about 14 was standing the the field. Being twelve, I somehow find that attractive. I knew the minute I saw him, I was in love.

As soon as my dad hopped into the truck, I asked him who the mystery boy was. He said his name was Connor and he would be helping out at the farm for a couple of days. I already knew his brother, (who was extremely shy and didn't talk much) because he had already worked at the farm; but I had never met him before.

When we went home that night, I told everyone I knew about Connor. My mom, sister, aunt, friends, even my grandma knew!

Week after week, I would find any excuse to find some way to see him. Sadly, every time I missed him.

Eventually, they ran out of jobs for him at the farm so he stopped coming. About six months later, I found out they were moving to Ontario. I was sad. (Hormones hadn't kicked in so I wasn't that upset.)

Two years later (grade 8) I was having dinner with my family, when my dad said that Connor was working at the farm. I was so shocked I choked on my spaghetti. Apparently something didn't work out so his family had come back. I was soooo excited, I called all of my friends and told them the news. They were all extremely happy for me.

A week later, I was having dinner at my aunt's. My mom was just about to take food to the guys (by then I was old enough to stay home alone) when she got a phone call. "Connor's out, can you bring him some food?" My aunt knowing that I had a huge crush on him, insisted I go.

When we got to the farm, I was so excited I was about to throw up. I grabbed my uncle's plate and went over to pass the food. When I first saw him, I was completely shocked. Standing there was a built, very tanned and handsome 16 year old boy. He had even ditched his glasses for contacts. I knew I had fell harder than I had the time before.

Connor heard a voice, looked up and then went back to work. After I set down the food, my uncle called to Connor (who was hiding in the corner of the shop winding hoses), "You don't need to do that right now." and he responded with a, "That's fine, I'm almost done."

Connor spent the rest of the time winding hoses until we left. I pretty much burst into tears when we got out of the truck.

A couple of weeks later, I heard the most depressing news in the world: Connor had a girlfriend. I was heartbroken.

I eventually got over it but it took time. Though I still have a big crush, I still wait for the day those two will maybe break up. Hopefully one day, he'll finally slow down and actually get to know me.

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Jun 12, 2010
My Story
by: Kaitlyn

I hope everyone likes this, please comment and tell me what you think. I'll keep you posted if anything happens.


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