The Football & The Kiss

by Brittany

Summer kiss

Summer kiss

My brother is a senior quarterback. Of course, being at the top of the high school food chain, he gets to "teach" the freshmen.

It started like this. I had a huge crush on a freshman boy in my class, and he wanted to play football. I was really good at the sport, so my brother lets me practice. I had on my football pads and helmet, and got down on my knees to tackle. The person I had to tackle was crush! I readied myself.


I pounced on Adrian and he knocked my helmet off. The next thing I knew Adrian was blushing a deep red. (I was too).

After practice I had to walk home. Adrian, being the sweetie he was, offered to take me.

"Hey, Brittany, uh you know I LET you tackle me...right?" he said smiling.

I was so mad I wanted to rip out his lip ring. LOL.

"Ooooh yeah Adrian, you totally did."
I looked up at him and smiled. I turned my head and felt a small feather-like touch on my cheek. I stopped walking..and looked up at him.

"Can...can I kiss you...Brittany?"

"Sure you can, if you can...catch me!" Then I ran. But, due to my clumsiness, I tripped over a football in the middle of our yard. I tripped, then he tripped on me...then he held me down.

"You know...I LET you tackle me," I said and pecked his lips.

"Ooh yeah, that football didn't make you fall!"

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Mar 11, 2015
Reply NEW
by: dess

This is a great story indeed. I just love the love stories. I don’t know why but there is something that makes us feel that humanity still exists and people strive towards equality. And this is what love is all about. Meaningful Use

Feb 02, 2011
by: christy

OMG!!!I love your story its so awesome it's like something you would read in a teen romance book:)

May 11, 2010
by: Violet

That's so awesome and really cute ;)

Nov 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

That's so cute.

Aug 11, 2009
The Football
by: Penny

You were the football that he tripped for and you tripped over the football that he tripped over which landed him on you. Sweet!

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