The Girl Who Cant Belive This Is Happening

by Taylor
(New York)

There was this girl and boy. The girl really liked this boy and she had him over and it was so amazing and she really really did like him. Then she was texting him one night and he said i like you. She said she liked him to and he said good. She then said you like me right? and he replied by saying yes. She then asked am i the only one you like? he said no.. she asked who and he told her the name of the stupid slut and it was the girl who hated this girl and then the girl asked how can you do this to me? you know i don't like her. He replied by saying i like you more then her. and he said that 3 times then she was like are you sure. and he said to her hun I'm sorry but now I'm dating her. That Girl flipped out and just said be careful because you just picked a slut over me. Then months went on and the girl saw that they have broken up so she texts him saying oh haven't talked to you in a long time and he said who is this? and the girl said wow thanks you know what? just never mind and he said no tell me who this is and she said her name and he was like hey cutie and she was like i don't think your slut of a girlfriend would like that and he said I'm not with her. the girl asked did you think of me. he said every second of the day. and then he said sorry and they hung out and they stared dating but she wont ever let that problem go. she will never let him forget that he hurt her, he crushed her so badly, she has problems trusting him and he said babe I'm not going to hurt you and she said you already did and he told her that she meant the world to him and he was so sorry about what happened and he should have picked her over him. she said I'm so scared and he asked why? and she told him that she is so scared that he is going to hurt her all over again and he said baby its not going to happen. then the years gone by and now they are married with three blond hair blued babies, she couldn't believe this one bit but its life.

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Sep 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

That is a awesome dream or true story.
i wish i had a guy like that well besides the first part. your a good writer, just reread ur writing first

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