The Half Burnt Candle

by Kiamesha
(Seminole, FL US)

I will admit that the "instant connection"

Was just an instant attraction
That we both incidentally shared.
For all those hours we talked
Your kisses were a welcome shock
I know that I agreed to your love for just that night
But it was because I secretly longed for more
Even as I watched you light the candle by your bed
And I saw it had been lit before.
So that next morning, I rose before you
Showered off your sweet scent
I dressed quickly and carried my shoes
So as not to be too loud.
I took a deep breath of the crisp morning air
As I darted out to my car
Exhiliarated, because I had escaped
The awkward morning coffee offer
But it felt nice to be cradled in your arms
I fondly play over your other charms
During the dawn lit drive home.
Tender touch still lingering on my skin,
But as I slip on my sandals
I remember the half burnt candle.

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