The Jerk I Feel For- How I feel for the jerk of the year

by Fina
(Agana, Guam, United States)

I'm in 7th grade and crazy. I fell for the 8th grade jerk. My friends told me he was a jerk. I didn't listen. My friends told me he was a player. I didn't care. My friends told me he didn't like me. I was in too deep.

This boy, Brandon, was one of the cutest 8th graders to me. But to every other girl, he was the jerk of the year. But still, i didn't care. I believed that he was different on the inside. I believed that if he knew he would change. It hurt to find out that I was wrong.
Let's start from the beginning. The 8th grader, Brandon, always said hi to me and i would always blush. I would blush- turn red, start laughing, smiling a lot, blush- at the very site of him. And when he said hi to me, it was so embarrassing. I couldn't stop. So, one day at lunch, he came into my classroom and started smiling and talking to me- the blush was showing. When he left every boy & girl were staring at me. And i blurted out that he made me blush. Because of my big mouth, Jacob, went out of the classroom and started talking to Brandon. Brandon asked Jacob if I like him and Jacob, with his big mouth, told him that Brandon always makes me blush. When Jacob came back into the room he told me that he told Brandon. I was so mad at Jacob I felt like I was going to rip his spine out of his mouth. I was so embarrassed to find out that he knew. I decided that since he told I should stay away from Brandon. Well, at 8th period I forgot something in the science room and I needed to go get it- not knowing that Brandon was in there. When I went to the science room, the first thing i saw was him- Brandon. BRANDON! My blush was coming back. The teacher asked what I needed and I told him that I forgot something. Knowing that he could trust me he let me in and allowed me to get my things. When I was just about to leave he stopped me at the door, grabbed my hand, and said I need to talk to you after school. I was oh, so nervous. I knew that he was going to talk to me about him finding out that I liked him. Knowing that I couldn't say no to him, I nodded and said okay. I was so terrified. School was going to be over in less than 15 minutes. When the final bell rang, I went outside and saw him. He was waiting outside for me with his god brother and my classmate. He looked at me straight in the eye and asked, "fina, do you like me." Knowing that he would know if I'm lying, I said yes. He nodded to himself. Then he said, "if i asked you out would you say yes." My heart stuttered. I couldn't believe it. Before I could even answer he said, "think about it and tell me tomorrow." I nodded. If i said anything else it would show my complete blush.
Just a week later he didn't say hi to me. He didn't do anything he didn't even walk past me. when he did walk past me he didn't even look at me. He just acted like I wasn't even there. I was so heart-broken. I was in too deep. I fell for the player. I feel for the jerk. I believed he could change and I was wrong. I should have listened to my friends. I never should have thought that he would change. I was in so deep that I started falling- falling hard- for him.

I'm okay now, I guess. I haven't talked to him since. I have a other things on my mind. And I'm definitely not falling for him again.

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