The Night I Found My Soul Mate

by Katiebug
(Sacramento, California)

My boyfriend and I met at a school dance nearly three years ago. I was a freshman in high school and he was a junior.

I'd seen him around before, heard stories about him from my "older sister" and had pretty much made up my mind that he wouldn't be worth my time.

When I saw him out there dancing, I desperately wanted to find a way to talk to him. I was with a couple of friends and one of the girls thought he was "incredibly hot" and asked us to go up with her and dance with him.

At first everyone declined and then I surprised even myself when I agreed to go with her. When we approached him, he turned all his attention towards me which was surprising, considering my friend is very busty and was very scantily dressed.

As the night progressed we danced more and more. We laughed and talked and I found myself falling for him.

I soon found out he had a girlfriend, but I didn't let that get in my way. I kept up our friendship and we started hanging out outside of school.

A few weeks after the dance, the day before Valentine's Day, he called me telling me about how his girlfriend had dumped him and he was so upset. I talked with him through it trying to cheer him up, but on the inside I was screaming for joy.

The next week he asked me out. I remember the feeling of "oh great well I'm only a rebound but at least I'm getting a chance."

We have been through countless stupid fights, really tough times and shared some of the best experiences of our lives. I believe that was the night I found my soul mate, and whether or not this will last a lifetime it is a journey I'm willing to take and am glad to share it with him.

Always & Forever Baby. 2-20-08 <3

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